Hair Braiding in Ann Arbor, MI

There are many hair braiding styles for different occasions. Adding braids to any hair style’s will add interest and create a boho chic look for the summertime.For a more edgy look, go bigger and messier. Or wear braids as a Protective hairstyle. Braids last for months and helps with length retention.

Visit any one of our Stylist at Hair Essentials Salon Studios to achieve your preferred look.

There are different types of Braids and here’s a few to choose from.

1). Havana Twist

Very unique and guaranteed to turn heads

2). Micro / Mini Braids

single braids usually braided halfway,leaving the rest of the braid upbraided,using either synthetic or human hair

3). Box Braids

Very trendy for the summer

4). French Braids

One of the most popular braids. The Braids lay close to the scalp and the final result is very sophisticated.

5). Cornrolls

Smaller tighter braids that line up against the scalp

6). Herringbone / Fishtail Braids

Thin layer braids that use lots of intertwined hair

7). Dutch Braids

Similar to french braids but looser,and relaxed -looking

8). Fishtail Braid

Similar to Herringbone but loser

9). Lace Braids

This is a simple braid that crowns the front of your head, like a tiara or a half moon

10). Locks

dread locks,and twist price range is based on the desired length of the lock.Can be worn in many styles